Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Zucchini chips experiment part two

Well, I started at 6am this morning and the first results came in last night post-Viking bedtime...

And, with a mixture of oil/non-oil and spices, the final assessment was:

I should have peeled the zucchini first (LOL)
My favorite was the simple sprinkle of salt
My least favorite was the Italian seasoning - too strong for me
DaHubby seemed to like the chili powder ones best.
Whether I had rubbed them with oil or not seemed to make no difference.

Things I would do differently:

peel them
use a little more salt on the salt-only ones
slice them even thinner so they'd be even "crisper"
slice them more evenly (I had a zucchini with a strong curve in it and was having difficulty cutting it evenly.)

But, it was enough of a success that we will be trying it again as soon as we get a moment to harvest some more.


GiBee said...

I'm totally going to have to try these.

I love sweet potato chips -- I wonder if they would taste just as good dehydrated???

Also, I wonder if using super-fine salt (like they use for popcorn) would work differently than table salt or kosher salt??

Thursday's Child said...

They sound yummy. I wonder if I talk DH into getting a machine like that. :D