Saturday, August 2, 2008

Family Movie Night: Vikings Style

First shot - but me oh my, what are they watching?

Ka-chow! LOL Lightning McQueen

Thanks for a weekend loan from DaHubby's work! Used it for the reunion karaoke and got the added benefit of a movie night! LOL


Dina said...

Hey!! I have a similar scenery too on a movie afternoon/night etc... kids usually get their sleeping bags move the coffee table out of the way (cause it is extra for them) and snuggle in their sleepy bags watching, either Cars or scooby doo etc...... great shots

Anonymous said...

Haha! Too cute!!!

BTW: I really like your blog header and colors. NICE!

Thursday's Child said...

Looks like a blast.

Carisa said...

Hi and thanks for the comment on my blog. My boys LOVE McQueen :) Now I need to talk our Daddy into bringing home a projector from work !
:) Carisa