Monday, January 15, 2007

She got me again...*sigh*

The embarrassing things your children do to you...

The first time last fall - we are walking thru a Borders bookstore and Viking #1 pulls on my arm. I look down and she holds her finger out for me to inspect...

"What's the matter?"Mom carelessly inquires.

"Take it!"

"What is it?"

"A BOOGER!" She yells as her voice echos off every available flat surface in the store.

So, today we're at Walgreen's. I've got Viking #1 sitting in the cart and Viking #2 in the seat. He's trying to escape and she's standing up asking..."are you done? are you done? are you done? are you done? are you done?"

I put a can of formula and a bag of feminine products on the counter. My delightfully "adult-sounding" daughter with a voice like a US Marine drill sergeant asks as loudly as possible in front of three full lines of customers "Momma, are those YOUR diapers?" *sigh*

So THAT'S where those grey hairs come from!


sara said...

thanks for the genuine LOL! still laughing.

Christina said...

I love it...of course, it's much funnier that it happened to you and not to me...yet. Maybe trying to encourage Emily to talk is not such a great thing after all!

By the way, Emily delights in finding boogers, only she calls them "Bob". Her great-uncle taught her that one. It's actually quite helpful, as we've had the exact same scenario as the first one with Viking #1, except she yells out "Momma...Bob!"

Thanks for the laugh!

shortybear said...

Thanks for making me laugh, I love kids!!

Debbie said...

I love it!!! You cannot make up what your wonderful children do to you in public! I think it's adorable!

eph2810 said...

Yeah, kids can embarrass you. But years from now you look back and laugh about it :)