Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WFMW: Displaying 40+ Family Pictures

While we live within a few miles of most of Da Hubby's immediate family, most of my family and closest friends are more than 2 hours away. So, while trying to figure out a way to not have my Vikings run screaming from the "strangers" every time we traveled somewhere for a visit, I ordered this from Oriental Trading.

I had to trim a row off vertically but I now can have forty 3 X 5 and/or 4 X 6 pictures hanging on the side of my fridge. We used mostly our own pics from our digital camera but have also had my family and some of Viking #1's local friends give/send us pictures that are also hung up on the fridge. Now, #1 and I can chat about who all these people are while making dinner, doing dishes, etc. Works for me!

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Carol said...

That's a good way to keep everything looking neat on the 'fridge! Thanks for the tip!

Debbie said...

That is cool! It's also a wonderful idea that you have to keep the vikings *in tune* with the relatives.

Nikki said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing.

Unashamed said...

GET OUT. That is my kind of gadget. I am a no-clutter freak. My poor kids had to beg to put stuff up on the fridge. Yeah, I know...But this is something I could live with. Very tidy.

Mari said...

That is brilliant, and it is cheap. I love displaying photos-everywhere, but I struggle with it looking...cluttered and trashy. This will help.

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Beth said...

Anita- LOL you are too funny! While I hate clutter (it seriously aggravates and amplifies my ADD for obvious reasons), I can still have stuff on my long as it's all "neat" and at 90 degree angles and such!! LOL