Wednesday, January 31, 2007

TOT Grammar Review: more common problems

Flashing back to 7th grade language arts one more time...Three on Thursday (TOT)

ALTAR is of the church variety. Here's a way you can remember this. The one that uses the "A" is for church which should be the first priority like "A" is the first letter in the alphabet. LOL

ALTER is the one that means "to change" like to alter a dress or to change one's hair color! LOL

Hmmm...the best way to remember this one (remember that you are thinking like middle schoolers) is you would want two of the "sweet treats" so "da-ZERT" has two s's! LOL "DEZ-zert" is that big sandy place with cactus and/or camels! *wink*

PAST refers to a time before this moment. The one with the T refers to Time!

PASSED is used mostly for to give ("I passed the salt") and to move ("We passed by our exit"). You'll also see if in "I passed my turn" and "My dog passed on."

Hope this is still helping out for some folks. Da Hubby and I still haven't had time to sit down and get the plurals and possessives chart I made into Excel and then into something Blogger-friendly. So stay tuned for that one!


Debbie said...

I really do enjoy these,Beth. I find myself *proofing* my post and comments more often. lol

Debbie said...

I forgot to mention how precious your child looks sleeping. How could you resist picking him up and kissing those sweet little lips?

sara said...

thanks, Beth! Can we add lay/lie to a future TOT? I get those mixed up.