Friday, January 5, 2007

"Transported" nuggets

In the last 20 minutes, I read this entire book. And, I’m nearly speechless.

Transported by the Lion of Judah is Anne Elmer’s true story of a Paul-like experience of being caught up and taken elsewhere at the Lord’s direction while recuperating in a rural hospital alone for 3 weeks following emergency surgery while traveling. Most often in the form of a lion, the Lord speaks to her, sleeps next to her, walks next to her, and even dances for her. He transports her to churches all over the world to show her the work He is currently doing.

Some “nuggets” that jumped out:

“On being hospitalized away from home and alone: “How often do we try to pray our way out of problems, and take authority over demonic situation, when all the time God is saying, ”Quit blaming the devil! It’s me – God!”

During a vision He provided, through her spiritual eyes she could see what appeared at first like dust specks in a ray of light.

“Suddenly I understood…the air was, and is, charged with the creative power of God. He had opened my spiritual eyes to see the air full of His creative breath.”

This is how God speaks things into being – which hit me squarely since I’m currently reading Genesis as part of my reading plan for 2007!

I really liked this one…and it reminded me of many of you who make me laugh, giggle, chortle, and cough out my beverages occasionally while reading your writings! LOL

“It’s time to lay down our false image, and really get to know the Jesus of the scriptures, who was obviously a man with a sense of humor…We are created in God’s image, and so we must have His sense of humor somewhere hidden in each of us.”

Another good passage:

“He showed me that one of the keys to the success in allowing the Lord to do creative miracle was a humble pastor…Another important factor was a unity in worship.” What an awesome responsibility our spiritual leaders have!

She talks about how judgmental we often are in evaluating others from other traditions and denominations. The Lord showed her a church meeting outdoors. It looks “messy”, unorthodox, free-spirited, etc. However, as the Lion comes to sit at the foot of a cross, whether He was visible or not to them she didn’t know, all the followers gather in a circle around the cross silently and in reverent awe. And she writes…

“I am sad at how often I have judged by first impressions, and only seen apart of what was there. I hadn’t seen the cross until the Lord pointed it out tome. I had been distracted by what I didn’t like, and that had stopped me from seeing the heart of this community.”

Another church the Lord showed her where the congregation was simple and ”old-fashioned”. They kept chanting something Elmer didn’t recognize and then fell silent as the Lord began to move among them…

“The Lord explained that the chant they had been singing was simply, ”Come Jesus Come,” and that He had no option but to come because they would not go home until He had visited them. That’s when He showed me their picnic baskets, which were all in a back room of the church, saying they had come prepared to stay all day waiting for His to arrive in power and tangible presence.”

And, in the last chapter, she lists those factors she saw common to the churches that most pleased the Lord. And, they were:

They believed the whole of the Bible

They arrived at church with no personal agenda, but just intent on worshipping

They came prepared to stay all day, and often expected to stay all day

They often ate together

They had extended time of praise and worship

The pastors and worship leaders were “faceless.” They were humble people wanting only to serve the Lord.

Just wanted to quickly share what I found...I'm off to cook dinner, then off to church to decorate for the party tomorrow!


shortybear said...

Wow, thanks for sharing. I will definitely have to read this awesome book my friend.

BrideOfChrist said...

Thanks for sharing - I agree, certainly a book I will have to check for!