Monday, January 15, 2007

Coming Soon to a Rapture-Ready Site Near You?! LOL

Our pastor emeritus stepped up to the pulpit do prayer and offering yesterday. Before asking for prayer requests and leading prayer, he cited reading an article with this information. One in four Americans believe that Jesus will be coming back in 2007!

While "Pastor T" was the first to remind us that no man truly knows the time when Jesus is coming, what if it WAS today? What if it had been yesterday? What if it IS tomorrow? What if it is this afternoon? Are you ready? Are your loved ones? Are you praying for those who are on your heart that may not be Rapture-ready?

My first goal in seeking out a church was to find that excited, jumping-up-and-down, oozes-out-of-their-pores, in-love-with-Christ passion of fellow believers. I have found that and more at our church home.

The second thing was something I marveled at in "seasoned" believers...the incredible passion and heart-wrenching prayers of these believers who are on their knees EVERY DAY for their unsaved family, co-workers, neighbors, and strangers on the street and people across the world who need to hear God's "history of grace" - to steal a term from Matthew West and his song, "The Next Thing You Know."

So, "what's your story about His glory?" What if Jesus IS coming this afternoon? Are you ready? Who are YOU praying for? Who ya' gonna tell about "your place in the history of grace?"


shortybear said...

I am praying for family members that are lost, and lost friends. I pray for lost souls everywhere, do not want anyone to go to hell.

Debbie said...

Sad as it is, the reality of His coming is not being anticipated by most. I pray to be ready and thank God, by His grace I am. I pray for my family (brothers and sisters) that have known the Lord and his goodness and have turned their backs. Not only them, but for friends and others as well. Not as much as I ought to, Lord forgive me.