Monday, November 3, 2008

Thank goodness for health insurance

We've had some chaos in the insurance area lately. Found out September 30th while at the lab for my first mammogram that our insurance was to change the next day. *eyes roll* We've yet to use the new stuff...but we will today.

Put the Vikings down at 8pm last night but Pojke was back up at 10:30pm and 4:00am due to what must be pretty serious ear pain. Tylenol is working for now. But, since it took over twenty-five minutes on constant auto-redial to the ped's office, his appointment isn't until 11:20am.

While Flicka has had one or two ear infections, this unfortunately is a regularly thing for Pojke. He had so many of them as a little guy that he actually had outpatient surgery to try and fix it. That surgery was supposed to stop or at least lessen the frequency of them. It has but it's still discouraging to see him get sick from the same thing over and over and over.

So, while the transition was rough...bless God for insurance.

And, while I have no idea what our new co-pays, office visits, or prescriptions cost...bless God for insurance.

Also, despite the surgery not being 100% effective to stop all future ear infections...bless God it was covered by insurance.

Finally, while Pojke continues to get these...bless God it is ONLY an ear infection and is covered by insurance.

So, while the Vikings both had cold recently - thank You Lord it was just a cold

And, while I've spent 3-4 days miserable with sinus pain and stuffiness - thank you Lord it was just a cold.

And, while DaHubby spends today in bed with the same sinus problems - thank you Lord that it is just a cold.

And, finally, while it breaks a momma's heart to hear her baby cry in the middle of the night and not be able to do much about it - thank you Lord that it is *just* an ear infection.

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