Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vikings vs. Bovines

So, ya may have heard if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter that we had a dairy farm tour with our MOMS Club today. Andrews University is in our county and hosted us at its new dairy facility. And, we had a wonderful time despite Pojke's first impression which he put succinctly:
"Momma, those cows are STANKY!"

First, we were in the milking parlor:

Then, it was off to the "momma barn"

This is the "dalmatian cow" - just ask Flicka, she'll tell ya so.

While human females can't seem to go to a public restroom alone, apparently bovine females eat in threes! *wink* Who knew?

Then, it was off to the calves' barn - oh my were they cute...but LOUD!

But, the tour ended with a little excitement when this little lady decided to escape and proceed to nursing on the knee caps of 3-4 moms until harnessed back in by a staff member! LOL
Once she was captured and contained again, we head off to visit Daddy at work and came home for lunch!

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Lisa said...

The dairy farm by us also has a birthing barn where at almost any time of day you can watch a calf being born. Try explaining that to a class of 4 and 5 year olds!
Sounds like you had a fun trip even though it was "stanky".