Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The nicest words I've heard so far this week LOL

We've still had medical and/or hospital bills trickling in from the loss of Böna in mid-August. I've been trying to chase down the last one that still hadn't been sent to our insurance as of early last week. FINALLY I heard from the OB's office today after multiple calls:

OB insurance lady: "We sent it in to Blue Cross on October 30th and they've already paid $422.76 of that bill."

"And, what would be left as our 20% share?" I asked, bracing for bad news.

"Actually, Beth, it says at the bottom "Patient may be billed zero'."

As I said here, praise God for health insurance - we FINALLY hit our deductible! Was anticipating another $100+ bill (after already paying out hundreds so far out of pocket for the initial prenatal fees and resulting hospital stay) and we may owe nothing! It's been wipe away clean!

Now that example Pastor used on Sunday about being forgiven by God free and clear, completely grace-filled FREE takes on a WHOLE 'nother level of meaning *wink*


Lisa said...

Praising our Lord with you, my friend.

Thursday's Child said...

Whoohoo! That's wonderful news!