Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Relay Repeat!

Since my local paper doesn't have direct link to their articles (they use this funky "read it online" widget with no hyperlinks), here is the direct text from today's local section:

Relay repeat
Relay for Life again leads nation in amount it raised per capita to fight cancer

H-P Staff Writer

For the second straight year, Berrien County’s Relay for Life ranks first in the nation in the per-capita amount of money it raised to fight cancer.

The Relay for Life 2008 at three sites in Berrien County this year raised $735,000. That equates to $4.58 per capita, more than three times the na­tional average of $1.34 per capita...

...Shelli Knoll, community representa­tive for the Great Lakes Division of the American Cancer Society, said Berrien County raised 6.5 percent more money than in last year’s award-winning event. Besides ranking first in the nation in per capita money raised, Berrien Coun­ty raised more total money than any other county in the Great Lakes Divi­sion, which covers Michigan and Indi­ana.

*big smile* We are mighty proud!

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