Thursday, November 27, 2008

Easy and frugal last minute pie crust

With so many things to put together today (and I'm not even cooking the actual MEAL! LOL), I decided on frozen pie crusts for my pumpkin pies. As you probably know, they generally come in pairs, one spooned up inside the other. However, when I separated mine this morning, the bottom one was crushed and broken. So, of course, I scrambled online to fine a quick and easy pie crust recipe. What I found was this!

Mixing done IN the pie pan. No rolling into a perfect circle (it is this frustration that's kept me from trying before). No transferring it in one piece to the pan (the other reason). No tearing or ripping the dough en route. In other words, PERFECT for me! LOL

And, this is what it looked like pre-cooked:
Then, I'll update in an hour or so to show you how it turned out! LOL

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