Monday, November 10, 2008

Doubly Blessed

It all started off with cleaning out my Bible. I've been itching for a new one in a different translation but regret having to let my current one go. I was given my Concordia Self Study Bible 20 years ago last month yet have only been really using it about half that time.

One habit I did start immediately was putting the date in the margins next to significant verses that were pertinent at the time. As 20 years have passed, it provides a bit of a diary and documentation of where I've been, the challenges I've faced, the questions I've asked, and the numerous ways God's acted in my life.

But, I'm ready for a new one and was going through all the scraps of paper, pictures, and bulletins I have stuffed in the pages and in the cover. As I sorted through the photos, I found this one:Just over 6 years ago, I was baptized by my former pastor. As I look at this picture, I see all the promise that comes from a public confession of faith. It had been about 27 months after DaHubby and I had met and 15 months since we had been married. And, after completing the membership classes which changed my denomination for the third time, DaHubby and I were now walking forward being more of one mind and on the same page.

But, this picture is also bittersweet. The date on the back tells me that this day of celebration occurred 10 days after we lost our first angel to heaven. It was as much a dark time as a celebration. That in and of itself tells me how strong (and how comforting) this renewed, newly-testified faith really was. And, it's only grown from there.

But, renewed from what beginnings? LOL That's a whole 'nother story. My story of my mutt-like faith journey - starting from my mom's Catholic faith, through my Lutheran renewal in college, and resulting in my Pentecostal "homecoming" - all started here in April 1968:

From those roots, I grew my wings which brought me where I am today. As I look back through 20 years - and then through my full 40 years - there's no way I could deny God's presence, His influence, and His protection all those years.

While I wandered away several times and did things I would never want to repeat in current company, God's always welcomed me - a poor wretched sinner - back home every single time.

And, it is because of that fact that I fully believe the message preached from our pulpit yesterday that said in part:

Don't be afraid - He is always with you!

He fought for you before; He'll fight for you again! And,

He brought you out before; He'll bring you out again!

And, all God's people said - AMEN!

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Laetitia said...

AMEN! I love your blogs Beth!!