Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Viking deconstruction/re-construction part one

Apparently, my make-it-from-scratch, recycle/reuse, crafty mantra is starting to rub off on Flicka. A few months ago, we found a sweater drying rack in the garbage during a walk. It was loose, uneven, but nothing a piece of duct tape couldn't fix - plus the first thing Flicka said when she saw it was "baby bed"! LOL

So, for about 4-6 weeks, it's been a "baby bed"...until she and her brother stepped on it trying to climb up some random piece of furniture and it broke.

Then, what does Flicka do?

"C'mon (Pojke) - let's go make a art thing!"

My daughter then took apart the entire drying rack, separated the good pieces from the broken one, discussed (at length) with her brother what they could use the mesh for, and requested tape to start putting together....her own easel! LOL

Unfortunately, they moved on to something else before they finished their quest so I have now completed pictures. But, for no cost, it kept them busy for over an hour! LOL


Melanie said...

Awesome!! Looks like you rearranged her room since I was at your house last. Looks nice.

Jennifer said...

She must be related to my 9 year old... SHORTS?!?! it makes me cold just looking at her. My youngest is always half naked in the house and I tell her to get more on because she is making me cold.