Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our new chore chart

We started a modified "Managers of Their Homes" schedule this week as everyone but me headed "back to school"! LOL

DaHubby is gone three nights and one morning a week for his college classes. And, the Vikings and I are "chore training" and getting in the swing of things with homeschooling for this year.

So...since I have 2 pre-readers in the house, I made chore charts with pictures and clip art.

Each Viking has a few things to do in the morning (the sun side) and in the evening (the moon side). For example, Flicka's morning chores are teeth brushing, getting dressed, picking up shoes/clothes/books in her room, making her bed and checking the dishwasher for clean silverware that she can put away. And, in the evenings, Pojke gets to pick up the books/toys/cars in his room and empty any washed silverware from the dishwasher.

And, I have been amazed at how enthusiastic the kids have
been about their chores!

It's been wonderful and the house hasn't been this clean in I don't know HOW long! LOL

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GiBee said...

Hmmmmm ... I wonder what kind of chores I could assign Hunter? Our home life is a bit different... Daddy takes him to day care at 5:00 in the morning -- he's still asleep!! I'll have to think on this one, because at 3, I think he's ready for some responsibilities!!!

I love how you divided morning from night, and used pictures/clip art! Very smart!