Saturday, September 13, 2008

Flooding update

Well, good thing I cleaned up and "water proofed" the things stored in the basement because, after our house-wide naps this afternoon, it's official. We're flooding. So, for the first time, we had to use our emergency fund. DaHubby's en route home from Lowe's with a new utility pump to use for draining the low spot in the backyard which is over-saturated and on an incline right towards the house.

We're damp, inconveninced but nothing major yet...but we're expecting three more days of rain.

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Anonymous said...

We're having flooding, too. Our crawl space (thankfully it's not a full basement!) is filling with water so we have a pump running out to the ditch as well as a dehumidifier going. And since I'm so lucky I'm also dealing with shoulder pain (too much Wii), a sick child, and a hubby who's supposed to be going on a business trip this evening until late Wed. pm. Fun times at our house let me tell you! *rolling eyes* ~ Mel