Monday, September 8, 2008

Inadvertant Montessori Moment? LOL

With last month's hospital visit, DaHubby's sudden full-load of college classes while still work 43 hrs a week, and re-starting homeschooling, I've been missing several weeks of Montessori Mondays. With school-type, learning-related stuff more on my mind, I've captured and/or noticed more teachable moments lately like this is one...

The Vikings are responsible for emptying the silverware and sippies from the dishwasher after a run. Once day, I was doing it myself in the interest of speed and Pojke frequent "I help" voice sounded from behind me. So, on an impulse, I said "then put the tops on these and tell me what color they are." He was so excited to help he forgot his kitchen stool! LOL

Now, Pojke's still a little rusty on his colors...still answering "pink" to any one color word he can't immediately come up with...but this was fun and turned into a 2-3 minute mini-lesson on colors, matching and sorting.

For more Montessori Mondays ideas, stop by Barbara's site later today.


sara said...

montessori yes, but more organic. ;-)

ClutterControlFreak said...

Way too cute! I remember when my oldest finally "got" colors. It was like a light bulb going on in his head. He was soo excited! :)

GiBee said...

for hunter, everything is either pink, blue or green.

too funny!!