Thursday, September 4, 2008

Repost: And, in Viking frugal news...

(Reposting for Tackle It Tuesday)

I have the coolest, most talented hubby anywhere! LOL But, I'm a little biased I guess.

With him heading back to school full time, he was interested in having his own work space/desk to do his school work. With money being what it is around here (ala Dave Ramsey) and with the hospital bills from last month starting to arrive, it wasn't really an option to *buy* a desk.

However, in my initial post-college days when money was equally tight, my dad and I conspired to locate an inexpensive desk. So, I bought two 2-drawer file cabinets and proceeded to give my dad the dimensions of the top and the drawer clearance on the front.

My dad then made a desk top with sufficient blocking underneath that it fit exactly over top of the file cabinets making my first computer desk. It's so cool and still comfy height-wise that I still have it yet it is being held up by alternative means as I've taken the file cabinets for homeschooling in another area of the house.

So, DaHubby was in a quandry - how to make a new "bottom" for the desk top.

My smart-as-a-whip wood-workin' hubby wonder scrounged around in the garage and found a stack of wonderful wood he had gotten FREE at the end of a local garage sale in June and made THIS:

And, then we added the desktop back on:

*big smile* How cool is HE!?

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sara said...

Beth, Dahubby is very talented. I am truly impressed. That desk/table looks very professional. I would buy something like that. Especially since it seems to be made of real wood. I try to avoid that pressboard stuff when I can afford it. Anyway, great job!

Julie D said...

Very nice! (And cute Vikings!)

Susie said...

Great tackle!! We are refinishing a mahagony table and chairs...slow but sure:-)

Sherry said...

Wow! Awesome tackle table!! :D

Anonymous said...

Very cool!