Friday, September 26, 2008

ADD is...

...looking at a handful of silverware, 2 popcorn bowls, and one sauce pan in the sink and feeling overwhelmed by having to do the dishes.

...looking at a stack of 2 workbooks, a story book, and two teacher guides and not having the energy to tackle 45 minutes of homeschooling.

...realizing that, despite Fridays being a laundry day for the last. seven. years, it's nearly noon and you haven't started the first load yet

...looking at three things on your to-do list and they just seem initially insurmountable despite two being "drive-thru" errands.

...looking at the list of possible dinners on the fridge and having 6 choices is just too many to decide.

...looking up at the clock and thinking - I just finished the breakfast dishes and it's nearly time for lunch and we've gotten NOTHING done. *sigh*

What's worse is that it is all internal dialogue so no one else knows how completely mind-blowing and will-numbing it feels to not be able to make just one.more. choice. when everything in your head is buzzing from constant noise, constant questions, and constant distractions.


Amy said...

Wow, I didn't think anybody felt like I do. I get so overwhelmed by all the talking around here and can't focus on any single voice when they're all babbling around. My 2 and 4 year old got their gift of gab from their father and talk, sing, squeal nearly non-stop.

I was an only child for 22 years and have spent a lot of my adult life in peace and quiet. It gets overwhelming at times and I get upset that I can't have a coherent thought or make an easy decision. I don't know if it's ADD on my part, but I've been thinking along the lines of sensory processing disorder.

I think something that is neat about getting older is being able to see enough of your experiences from a distance and seeing a pattern form, being able to recognize the quirks of your brain and behavior. Of course, the down side is I keep forgetting what I've learned and have to remember it again after I've had a melt down!

Lady of Value said...

Praying for you!! We all get bogged down by 'life' sometimes. God will give you strength and focus, keep your chin up!