Monday, September 15, 2008

Flooding day three: Holding our own

While it is not currently raining right this minute, dark clouds are on the horizon with more rain in the forecast along with several different types of flood warnings still in effect. I was able to run outside for a few and snap some pics of our Viking Flooding of 2008 (which up to this point has been significantly easier than the Viking Flooding of 2007). Please excuse the mess...LOL

This is where all the standing water is gathering just outside our back door. The utility pump is in that bucket (which has holes in the bottom and keeps it from sucking up the rocks and such). This pump has the maximum capability of 1100 gallons an hour and was unable to keep up yesterday. And, once it overflows that 2X4 border you see, it runs right up the the back of the house.
DaHubby's makeshift dike to channel water that overflowed that 2X4 away from the house and...

...down the driveway along with the hose from the pump.

The SE corner of the basement...and YES that is the LARGE power box for the entire house and garage on the wall above the water! *sigh* This is our main water access point problem. Normally, this wouldn't be too worrisome as the floor drain is just to the right of the pic...HOWEVER! The floor is not slanted as it should be so the water then runs along the south wall to...
the SW corner in the front of the house where there is no drain! *sigh*
This is the NW corner and what used to be our classroom. That dike DaHubby build is in front of a window just to the left of this pic.

So, this is the water status as of this morning. Hardly earth shattering but, as that lovely musty, moldy smell is finally starting to gain speed, definitely annoying.


Kelly - PTT said...

Oh no! Hang in there! Ugh!

Lisa said...

Hi Beth!! Oh Dear!!! Hoping and praying that it gets better... and soon!

GiBee said...

You know the worst thing about having to use the emergency fund? Replenishing it.


Will Febreeze help with the smell? Also, I've heard that putting a bowl of coffee grinds in the room will help with the smell.