Saturday, September 13, 2008

We interrupt this weekend for some weather

Not that I'm complaining because I can't imagine what folks on the Gulf Coast are dealing with right now but I'll be MIA for a bit. Two days of rain saturating a primarily sand and clay environment means...wet basements. So, I am double and triple checking and everything that is not water-friendly in our basement is up off the floor and cleaning up all my "sorting into piles" piles on the floor of the school room as we are experiencing the beginning of flooding in three of four corners of the house.

Praying everyone who is getting similar weather is buttoning down their hatches and getting out their swampers/Wellies and remains safe.

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sara said...

Hope it works out ok. Keep us posted when you can.

DH went around the house and yard looking for things that might blow around, but we've gotten a lot of rain with very little wind. Our house hasn't flooded since we've owned it, though it used to when DH lived here as a boy, but a few of our neighbors get it pretty bad now; one family had to have professionals come clean out their basement last year, I believe because of water-related mildew and mold.