Sunday, September 14, 2008

Raining and Flooding day two

DaHubby stayed home from church since the pump is unable (at a rating of 1,000+ gallons an hour) to keep the rain water collecting in a low spot in our yard. That low spot holds the water right near the house just long enough to let it seep in.

We are starting to get water from places we've never gotten water before. DaHubby's changing to a large/wider hose to hopefully catch up. And, we're wet-vaccing regularly to keep up with the spread in the basement.

I'd take pics but all the rechargeables are in the charger and no AA's in the house! LOL

This is still better than the actual CURRENT of water that was running through the basement last summer and (obviously) WAY WAY better than anyone living in the Gulf coast area is dealing with so we praise God.

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