Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Etched Into Memory

You ever have one of those realizations that as it is happening you *know* you will remember this moment? It could have been something life-changing or maybe an everyday event. You are just in the moment...deeply aware for some reason...a moment of "metacognition".

It seems like scrapbooking for the brain and I'm historically not very good at it. I'm known for the problem with my memory...childhood, high school, college, even post-Viking arrival. I have trouble making things "stick" but today was one of those everyday events etched in.

Nothing earth shattering. Flicka was whisked off to her grandparents this morning leaving Pojke and I at home making breakfast. Since he was angry that it wasn't HIS turn to go with Papa, he insisted on yelling "no!" to every question I asked including "are you hungry?"

So, I warmed up some soup from this weekend and grilled a mini-bagel. THEN he was hungry! LOL So, I scooped some soup into a smaller bowl, gave him half a bagel, and some fruit and we had a "picnic"(translation: we ate sitting on the living floor).

As Pojke scooped up elbow noodles and veggies, I ate my soup while we had one of the national morning shows on. And, BANG, it happened.

I looked at Pojke's sweet little face, forehead wrinkled as he concentrated on getting a spoonful of soup in his mouth. His cute but uneven haircut given by my mother-in-law on his moving-target head and every strand of hair missed. His little, perfect ears which have had lasers shot into each. His blue eyes which are my family's eyes reflected back at me. That he's wearing Flicka's old sweats reminds me how fast he's growing. His little "monkey toes" just like mine. His big, wide hands like DaHubby's which can already take apart everything just like DaHubby did! LOL

Sitting quietly next to each other. Just eating breakfast. How funny that THIS will be one of the moments I remember.


Debbie said...

Oh, how sweet. Funny how when things "slow down" we have time to SEE our children for the precious little bodies they are!!

Karen said...

What a great memory. Funny how some of the most poignant moments are really simple, isn't it?