Friday, March 7, 2008

Fourth, a party preview...

For those that have asked...this is where Flicka's party preparations stand:

Punch bowl - off to church shortly to borrow for the weekend

Ice "cubes" to float in the punch - done! (And, those cups were on clearance! tee, hee)
Jello Jigglers - cooling in fridge and will be cut with a star cookie cutter

Our "goodie bags" aka treasure chests ready to go:

Balloons - blow up, tied in threes, up all over the dining room

Magic Wand/scepter
crafty project all prepped!
Pork butt roasts and a large box of elbow noodles ready to be turned into BBQ pork and macaroni salad for the grownups - doneIce cream - in the basement freezer

And, finally, the cake...well, it won't be started until morning. But, if I'm lucky it'll look like a simplified version of this.

Ya think I got enough to do? LOL


Lisa said...

Way to go!! Sounds like a wonderful party is in store!!

Lisa said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you my friend! Welcome to 40!! God's blessings to you!