Thursday, March 6, 2008

40 things I've learned...

In no particular honor of 40 blessed years on the planet.

1. I *thought* I knew about kids...'til I had them myself.
2. That we all have wonderfully different backgrounds, views, and histories so be gentle with each other.
3. That gaining wisdom is more important than beauty, money, status, or things.
4. Always bring a change of clothes when out with one or more kid(s).
5. That if I'm not actively, consciously, enthusiastically for God, I'm against Him.
6. Borrowers are slaves to their lenders.
7. Miraculous healings are possible.
8. I am a child of God, a co-heir with Christ! WOW!
9. Large leaps of faith when led by God are SO worth it!
10. Driving the speed limit isn't so bad. And, it's easier on your insurance.
11. I truly didn't begin to grasp what God did through Jesus until I had Pojke.
12. I never gave much thought to Mary's strength and faith until I had Flicka.
13. It's fun to give.
14. A smile goes a long way to brightening your day and the day of someone else.
15. Nothing more important in your PC routine than backing up, backing up, backing up! LOL
16. That nothing draws a bunch of female strangers together faster than being moms.
17. That it is possible to have such faith, such confidence in the Scriptures that at one's funeral their family can sincerely celebrate one's arrival in Heaven.
18. That there are people who can come into your life and restore all your faith in humanity, that people are good, decent, and honorable.
19. I don't know what "love language" this would be but very few things are cooler than a full fridge after grocery day! LOL
20. No one can make you feel guilty unless you LET them.
21. It's all about context.
22. When in doubt, listen. You can never go wrong.
23. We are all capable of superhuman feats...of strength, of faith, of giving, of accomplishing the "impossible", of withstanding pain.
24. Sometimes it is worth the mess.
25. That a thank you note can make someone's day
26. Sleep and silence are to be treasured. *wink*
27. That being married to the same person (at least MY same person) for years can NEVER be boring! LOL
28. Unconditional love IS possible
29. Accepting compliments graciously is really hard sometimes! LOL But, ya need to learn to do it!
30. Read, read, read...and then pick up another book.
31. Puppy kisses fix everything.
32. The Bible is not a buffet - you can't pick and choose what to follow. It's all or nothing. Deal with it!
33. Sometimes the "E" on the gas gauge *really* means it's empty.
34. That knowing how to hot-wire your own vehicle is sometimes a good skill to have! LOL
35. That a child-like wonder in things like snowflakes, weather, water, rainbows, etc. can keep you young.
36.That the love of friends and family can sustain you regardless of the challenge
37. That the love of a strong church family can undo the consequences of years and years of unbelief.
38. That the love of your babies can touch you so profoundly, so deeply and they can wrap your hearts around their little pudgy fingers.
39. That the love of a good man can heal what seemed to be insurmountable hurts and scars
40. That the love and grace of God is better than anything and everything

Thank you, Lord, for these 14,610 days You've given me...let me use whatever days I have left to glorify you.


Unashamed said...

Hey. Let me be the first to say Happy Birthday. 40 huh? It's not so bad, really! And it looks like you've learned well. Have a really great day, 'kay?

Pam said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, dear Beth! I love being in my 40's. The liberation is fabulous, and it only gets better.

Great list, too.

Christina said...

Happy 40th Birthday, Beth!

I love your 40 lessons learned list. It sounds to me like your forties are gearing up to fantastic.

Enjoy the day and your family.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Love your list - lots of truths in there :)

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more on many of these, particularly #1, #20, and #14! Oh, and Happy Birhtday!!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday, young'en! :)