Saturday, March 1, 2008

Daddy's Got A New Toy

The photog bug bit DaHubby hard years ago. He's hauled a large backpack full of camera gear around his annual treks into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness while his "canoe-mates" have taken fishing gear! LOL

Last fall and pre-Dave Ramsey, he just HAD to have a new camera that took AA batteries (can't do recharageables in the middle of the wilderness with no power) for his last trip. Well, that one somehow met its match.

When DaHubby and Flicka went on a daddy-daughter date last Friday night, DaHubby whipped out that camera which he is ALWAYS carrying to take some adoring shots of his beloved girl...only to find that the LCD screen on the back as broken rendering the camera useless.

While we would normally suspect that the Vikings had something to do with that, DaHubby and I also have a history of occasionally not being as careful with our tools and gear as we should be. We figure this camera came to an unnatural end one day in DaHubby's briefcase which gets bumped around pretty harshly.

Anyway, with our federal tax return recently burning a hole in our pockets awaiting its trip to Lowes and the dentist's bank account, DaHubby wanted to discuss a replacement. Now, I can use discipline and tell my babies "no" to just about anything...but DaHubby? Never! LOL He just simply works too hard for us! LOL Plus, our Dave Ramsey re-training has made him nearly as frugal and penny-pinching as me! So, I was less worried about him being extravagant.

So, after much research and web-surfing, DaHubby settled on a mid-ranged price replacement which takes significantly better pics than the old one.

He's been like a kid at Christmas taking pics and videos of EVERYTHING and these are two of my new favorites:

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Karen said...

Great use of extra funds, imo! I always have my camera in my purse because you never know when you'll see a moment you just have to capture :)