Friday, March 28, 2008

Anyone a motorcycle enthusiast?

If so, you might appreciate, I get to do a little brag on DaHubby.

Many people don't understand what he does for a living as a tool and die shop's design engineer. *I* didn't and I'm the daughter of a modelmaker! LOL DaHubby basically can create something out of the empty ether of a computer keyboard and monitor - but I'm a little bias.

Someone comes into his workplace and says "I need a machine that will do *this*" or "...a part that does *that*. DaHubby sits down at his computer and creates, designs, engineers these amazing drawings that are (from what I understand) basically blue prints for the guys in the shop area to be able to build that machine or part.

His latest project is a little something different. A local businessman who runs Thunder Allee Cycles wants custom rims for a tricked-out chopper motorcycle.

Now, my daddy was a hard-core motorcycle man in his day so I've seen a few motorcycles come and go. But, the computer drawings of what DaHubby designed for a simple tire rim were just so...well, beautiful...I wanted to share.

(Click on the picture itself for an enlarge, up close view)

I'm just a little proud of him, can ya tell? Love you, handsome! Great job!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! My hubby would be impressed! (He's a Harley dude and Thunder Alley customer.) ;) ~Melanie

Debbie said...

Wonderful! He should love them!