Monday, March 3, 2008

Are You Happy?

You should be! Sit down today and list all the things that make you happy, things you are thankful for!

Will someone look at you today and think "wow! I want what THEY have!" when that is Christ Jesus!?

A Biblical promise - you will be happy when you are who and what God wants you to be!

And, consider seven happy people of the Bible
(hat tip to Pastor Don - the "bestest" pastor in the world! *wink*)

1. the one whose sins are forgiven (Prov 28.14, Job 5.17)
2. the one who delights in the Word instead of the world (Ps 119.16, Prov 3.13, Ps 1.1)
3. the one who keeps God's commandments (1 John 3.22, Ps 29.18, John 13.17)
4. the one who dwells in the house of the Lord (Ps8 4.4, Ps 144.5)
5. the one who waits upon the Lord (is 40.31)
6. the one who trusts in the Lord (Ps 84.12, Ps 128.2, Pr 14.21)
7. the one who endures (James 5.11, James 1.2)

So, is your strength in the joy of the Lord??


Debbie said...

All of these are good points, but #2 really hits home with me. I want people to see and feel Jesus when they are around me. His presence is sooo precious.

Thanks for the link, in case you didn't go by and read my comment. I couldn't get on the page, but plan to try later. I keep getting an error message.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I especially like 'the one who endures'. For me, that means patience, and I have discovered in my 34 years on this earth that it is only when I am patient that I see the correct direction my life should take.