Monday, March 17, 2008

It's 3pm already? *sigh*

Well, we've had a busy day. After Flicka had been running a low-grade fever most of the day yesterday, she slept in this morning but awoke feeling good with no sign of fever. So, we got up at 8am and we're out of the house by 9am for a playgroup. After playing with about 9 other kids for over an hour, we headed out for the pediatrician. Today was Flicka's four year well check.

I had been preparing her for a couple days about what Dr. M would do and about the "pinch" of the shots and why it was important for everyone (including Pojke, Mom, and Dad) to get them. She was very brave until the RN had her lay down. *sigh* Poor baby.

Flicka was due FOUR vaccinations but those four are to be done before entering kindergarten so we picked two for today (polio and tetanus) in the hope that the other two (MMR and chicken pox) would be available again in a combo one-shot this time next year.

But, that "k" word kept jumping out at me...KINDERGARTEN! When did THAT happen? Good grief! That's my BABY! LOL I told our ped about my intent to homeschool at least for a little while, that I wanted her strong and built up in our beliefs before lettin' the world have a shot at her and the ped completely agreed.

She related a story that she remembered having to stand up to her fifth grade teacher in a matter of belief. FIFTH grade! *sigh* What is that 10 or 11 years old?

Anyway, Flicka is healthy as a horse: 75th percentile for weight and height for her gender and age. And, Pojke's ears were checked from that ear infection a few weeks ago and all looks fine there too.

But, Pojke is now napping and Flicka is sporting a large knot on her leg, is dosed with Tylenol, and snugglin' on the couch and I look up and it's time to start thinking about DINNER! *sigh* Where did this day go?

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