Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

The days have been so busy this week - I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow already. It was one of those blink-and-you-miss-it weeks.

But, the little things broke through...

I was blessed by two friends and their kiddos and our new somewhat-regular "evening widow" playgroup. LOL All three of our hubbies are off conquering the world in their own ways during the evenings recently so we've taken to getting together, letting the kids play, making up an easy dinner, and blowing a few hours while the kids wear off some energy. These two ladies are in my top five favorite people from my MOMS Club group. *big smile* And, I love hanging out with them.

The weather! Hello! Here in Michigan - where it breaking 50 degrees for the first time means breaking out the shorts and flip-flops - we *REALLY* enjoyed this week's temps and sunshine.

We received a scholarship via our local YMCA due to our recent financial hardship and they offered us a family membership at a significantly lower rate! Praise God!

I continue to be thankful for my in-laws who offered again to watch the kids while I grocery shopped this week. While they aren't able to take the kids as often or all day like they used to, this would be my number one wish list of times to be alone so it's a real blessing.

I thank God for a small-but-with-LARGE-repercussions realization this week related to my parenting with Flicka. THANK YOU LORD for showing me gently what I was doing and what it was doing.

I stumbled into (almost literally) another "mom friend" at the park this week that I haven't seen since Thanksgiving. She's just wonderful but so busy. I've been meaning to make it a point to seek her out only to hear this week that her hubby - who is stationed at our local USCG station - will be transferring onto his next assignment in about a year. *sigh* I am thankful for her friendship, thankful we ran into each other, and will now DEFINITELY make it point to find something we can do together.

I'm thankful that someone sees fit to let me sing at church. LOL I remember being told in high school that I couldn't sing in tune. DaHubby, on the other hand, encourages me to sing - and he is from a family of amazing singers. And, while I have had momentarily illusions delusions of glory of singing in front of people, in my heart of hearts I know that when I sing, I lose myself in worshiping Him and I am closer to Him then than nearly any other time of prayer that I can remember. Whether I can carrying a tune or not, THANK YOU to those who are OK with me stepping up to a microphone each Sunday morning.

And, I am thankful for my bloggy friends. Earlier this week, I considered pulling the plug on my online life for a while. But, I received so many sweet comments here, on Twitter, and on Facebook that I'm re-thinking it somewhat. I will probably still cut back but have come to really appreciate my online buddies a bit more this week.

And, what are YOU thankful for this week? Stop by Pam's today and see what she's thankful for.


Pam said...

"better late than never" and here I thought I was doing it early this week because I finished before 11 pm : ) Hee, Hee!

What a wonderful post, Beth. So cool about your YMCA. That is a huge praise for your family. I wish they did that here.

So glad you're sticking around. I'd hate to have you disappear altogether, though I completely understand the need to occasionally re-evaluate and pare down your involvement here in bloggyville.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you're not leaving as well. I know it can be time consuming and addictive, but I really enjoy staying up on how you are doing and reading about your kids since we live so far apart.