Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

Well, at least somewhat here at the Viking Hus. Been bit with the clutter-busting bug and now I'm eyeballing stacks, books, shelves, and basement boxes looking for stuff to Ebay, freecycle, sell, or toss. Today's beautiful sunny (but still cold 20-something temperatures) weather feels wonderful.

Been looking for an online cleaning too. Thinking about a new blog design - something downright girly, which I never do. Cleaning up the right margin of unused or unneeded links and badges.

Getting back on track with blogging - I hope. Set a personal rule that no Twittering or Facebooking happens unless I've completed a blog post for the day.

The sun (and the Son) seem to be working on me overtime. And, I *like* it!

1 comment:

imadramamama said...

What an amazingly beautiful sky! Here's to every sort of spring cleaning!