Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blessing Brag via Goldilocks

...and I'm bragging on God entirely!

Our sweet lil' "Goldilocks" aka our "harvest gold" 2001 Ford Focus has been DaHubby's and my love mobile! LOL It was our first purchase after we got married nearly 8 years ago. I remember having to make sure I signed the correct name to all the paperwork! LOL

She's been all over our state and even took us on our honeymoon to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota.
And, she has been a DREAM car - we love that we've done nothing but put gas and oil in her and put some brakes and tires on her in 8 years. She's been into the dealership 2 or 3 times for recall items that needed to be replaced but she's been incredibly healthy all these years.

In May 2007, she rolled 100,000 miles. I don't drive her often (since I have the "grocery getter" aka the Freestar which has yet to be named) but I'm guessing she's up around 120K now. She was also paid off nearly 3 years ago which means no more "free rides" for maintenance! LOL

So, we knew she was coming up on some work needing to be done. We were just hoping she'd make it through this financially lean period...but the inevitable happened: broken front springs. *sigh*

Goldilocks was diagnosed recently by DaHubby and a buddy at work. They figured the work could be done at home (so the labor would be "free" or I'd have to make DaHubby pasties again or something like that LOL) but the parts were still looking to be several hundred dollars. Well, that's what emergency funds are for and we figured we do it sometime this week after work in the evening while DaHubby's on spring break from school.

But, as Dave Ramsey says, that's not good enough! LOL

DaHubby dropped a dime on the dealership...remember, this is an 8 year old car with nearly 120K miles on it. And, guess what? The springs are a recall item! And, their replacement is ENTIRELY COVERED! WA-HOO! DaHubby will drop Goldilocks off at the dealership tomorrow morning and she should be done before he leaves work!

How great is the God we serve!? THANK YOU LORD!


Anonymous said...

BTW it gets 32 miles a gallon the most was 34 miles and was $15k new.

Great post honey

Abby said...

Great story, hoping to do the same with my 2000 Explorer.

I just had to mention that we honeymooned at The Boundary Waters in 03, stayed at Gunflint Lodge.

sara said...

What a relief!