Friday, March 6, 2009

41 reasons to be thankful

Well, it has been 14,965 days since I was born but, while I'm sure the Lord's blessed me at least that many times since then, I don't have the time today to come up with 14,965 things to be thankful for! LOL Probably should have posted this yesterday for Thursday Thanks Tank but I'm in the midst of planning Flicka's own birthday extravaganza for tomorrow! LOL

So here goes...

for God's grace
for His word
His salvation
and His supply!
my parents and their spouses
my sisters
my extended family in SE Michigan
my in-laws
my extended family here in SW Michigan
my pastors
my local church family
my "church grandma" - Sister P.
my "church parents" - Brother and Sister B.
for Becca, Juli, and Beth who remind me WHY I believe
all my new MOMS Club buddies
Anita, Sara, and all my early blogging buddies
Janet, Allana, and all my PAIF buddies (And, especially Allana since it's her b-day today too!)
for this home
for our transportation
for our technology which *tries* to make our lives easier! LOL
my health and that of DaHubby and the Vikings
DaHubby's job even as unsteady as it is
for DaHubby's college adviser - she's such a blessing in this stressful time
for Dave Ramsey's advice, class, and radio show
for living *just* where I dreamed I would when I was young
for closets with clothes and cabinets with food
for my joy in reading
for my joy in cooking
for my ADD (and that's a tough one to be thankful for! LOL) which blesses me in backhanded ways I couldn't have anticipated
for the miracle in Brother B last year
for the miracle in Peggy this last year
for the past year of craziness
and for the upcoming year...filled with God's promises!


sara said...

Happy birthday! MUAH!

Christina said...

Happy 41st Birthday, Beth!

Enjoy today and all its blessings. (Hey, here's another's warm!!)

May not only your day, but your entire year, be blessed in ways you can't even begin to imagine.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Blessings to you ALL year!!


Pam said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Hope Flicka is having a fabulous day today!! Great list. Thankful for you!!!

sara said...

Happy birthday to Flicka too!