Saturday, February 7, 2009

They just wanna help!

I've been struggling again with efficiency vs. teachable moments and mess vs. bonding.

The Vikings regularly want to help prep or cook a meal. They consistently drag two large, tall dining room chairs over to the counter which keeps me from doing anything because then I cannot open the fridge, get to the sink, or open the "gadget" or silverware drawers. And, this isn't even taking into account the hot, electric stovetop and its obvious risks.

But, sometimes I can get only one Viking at a time interested and, for some reason, it's infinitely easier. So, when Pojke started melting down around lunch time yesterday, I snatched him and left Flicka and DaHubby working in the basement office.

Tacos, Spanish rice, and guacamole were on the menu. Hmmm...didn't want Pojke near the knife, the cutting board, the stove, the splattering hamburger. So, he watched while I prepped the ingredients and I put him to work...mashing the guacamole.

DaHubby and I agree that this is one of our new favorite photos:


Anonymous said...

That is an adorable photo.

When my boys help, I can't get to the garbage can, the dishwasher and sometimes the sink.


Shannon said...

Love it! I can generally get to everything when Josh helps but I ALWAYS kick or smack my leg on the stool he stands on. I think I am now permanantly bruised on my shin.

Dina said...

Brilliant Photo.

Tara said...

Here's another kitchen idea so you can get work done and they're kept busy. Go out in your backyard and get as much snow as you can gather. (Dishpans work great to gather it, also your big mixing bowl.) Dump it in the (clean-ish) kitchen sink. Put the kids' mittens on, get out the measuring cups, spoons, soup ladle and let them go to town! When they're done open the drain and rinse the snow out with a little warm water.

**Note to self, Self, you must to this today!**