Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

In no particular order...

Thank You GOD! DaHubby was put back on 40 hours/week! While it may only be for a few weeks, it's better than 24's or 32's!

Thank you God for placing me in a country, a state, and a city that allows me choices for my children's education.

Thank you God for the privilege of living in a country that (for now) allows me to track down and/or access pretty much any information I'm interested in whether via the internet, library system, etc.

Thank you Lord for those serving in the U.S. military and their families here at home. Help me to not take for granted all they are doing and the sacrifices they all are making for my freedoms.

Thank you Lord for the privilege to search out different viewpoints, to be able to listen to/read them, and to have the chance to make up my mind (with Your guidance).

Thank you for the friends I've had for years as well as the ones I've met the last few years. The former are my roots and the latter often act as my wings.

Thank you for a husband who knows how to work hard and has no trouble doing that so that we will have a better life.

Thank you God for another year - as Flicka's and my birthday are coming up in the next week or so, I've been more and more aware how each day (as is each year) is a gift to be used to serve You.

Thank you God so much for my two little miracles. And, thank you for re-opening my eyes recently to that fact - that they ARE miracles and YOU granted me.

So, what are you thankful for today? Go by Pam's today and see what she's thankful for.

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Pam said...

Such a great list. Wonderful news about DaHubby's job. I know that has to bring about a little relief in your home.