Saturday, February 21, 2009

Any second thoughts?

The start of a conversation this morning at the Viking Hus: "Babe, a complete change of subject...have you ever had second thoughts about what we named the kids?"

Luckily, DaHubby said no. LOL

As I have filled out several sheets of paperwork this week while dealing with doctors and pharmacists, I've been writing out and spelling out Pojke's IRL name A LOT! LOL And, for some reason, his name...the "identity" we've given him...seems more *real* all of a sudden.

I took our baby-naming responsibility very seriously as I would like to think the majority of us do. We considered number of syllables and flow, what would the initials would spell, elementary school teasing potential, along with the myriad of family expectations.

We searched back several generations on DaHubby's family tree for old-fashioned, currently unusual, yet sweet and appropriate names for the Vikings. My family also has a naming tradition - four generations of matching first and middle initials - which meant whatever first name we picked meant choosing a middle name of the same first letter.

We never made our final choice prior to delivery - we took our favorite, agreed-upon options to the hospital. We wanted a good look at each new arrival and pick the one that he or she most "looked" like.

And, we've never had regrets. I think I can speak for the DaHubby when I say - we've been thrilled with our choices. Flicka's and Pojke's IRL names have worked for us and apparently for them up to this point.

However, as his parent, I've been significantly expanding Pojke's official paper trail this week. And, as I look at the sweet, meaningful, and perfect name which we so painstakingly chose for him plastered all over paperwork, prescription bottles, and hospital bracelets this week, I wonder if we made the right choice.

And, it occurred to me that I've never heard a parent admit (at least in public! LOL) that they may have reservations or might be disappointed by the choice they made in naming that sweet hours-old bundle at the hospital.

Why is this even important? It probably isn't. But, I've spent 40+ years repeating this same line over and over:

"My first name?, just Beth...yes, that's my legal, it's not Elizabeth...not Beth Ann...not Bethany...just Beth."

And, I remember my step-mom saying something about changing the initial spelling of my little sister's name when the first couple of post-natal nurses mispronounced it at the hospital.

Then, I wonder what the Vikings' stories will be. Will Flicka take as much pride in explaining her name and the history of it? Will Pojke appreciate our choice of naming him in honor of two people we lost to Heaven the year before he was born?

I don't know - and that's the thing I dislike about parenting. LOL No immediate feedback. Seriously delayed gratification. We won't truly know for years and years but that's OK. This roller coaster ride we're on now will probably put in all in perspective.


Pokinatcha said...

When we adopted we changed 2 of the kids middle names & I changed the spelling of one of their first names. His name was spelled Jessee. I couldn't stand it and I knew it'd be spelled wrong his whole life. Since he was 5 at the time, I made him excited about the change. Showed him how it was spelled in the Bible and he was pretty excited about that.

Anonymous said...

This is a good one Beth, and it way more than just about the name.