Saturday, February 14, 2009

Worth every penny

As anyone who reads here regularly already knows, money's a little tight right now. Lots of beans, rice, potatoes, vegetarian meals, and watering down milk to stretch it. I have been "homemade-ing" and "from scratch-ing" it until my eyes cross. LOL

I was at the craft store the other day with my coupon and teacher discount to pick up a few pieces of scrapbook paper to make the Vikings' valentines and was glancing through the cloth remnants bin. I saw a small piece of "Diego" material for $1.25 and inspiration struck! I dug through all the pieces and pulled out another remnant of red checkerboard for about $1.50.

An hour on the sewing machine and...
New play aprons!

They are SO loving them! And, it was worth the whole $2.75! *wink*


Ethelapple said...

nice work, mom...:) they look cute.

Anonymous said...

good job! Jack's been asking for an apron - I'm going to take some inspiration from you.

- sara

Dina said...

Hey , I should be inspired and make a couple of those for when kids are helping in the kitchen or doing some pretty messy crafts :)

thanks for posting these they are cute!!

sara said...

Hey Beth, I just found out my Pastor's wife is a Yooper. Of course I couldn't help thinking of you and DaHubby. :)

She was telling a story about a bridge that connects lower MI to upper and a guy who cleans and paints inside the supports or some such.