Monday, February 23, 2009

It means a lot...

...the little things you say.

We had our taxes done last Friday. With all we're juggling and with all the life changes the last few years, we decided to use a friend who's a CPA to do our taxes. He also happens to do the books for DaHubby's employer so he has intimate knowledge of what kind of financial roller coaster we've been dealing with.

Anyway, as the nerd in the family, I was assigned the task of finding and delivering all the appropriate paperwork to said CPA. And, he said two small things that simply lifted all the discouragement and negative feelings I was having last week about our current financial situation.

"I'm just so impressed by you two"

"I don't know how you guys are managing but you're doing great."

Those 2 sentences - probably said with little awareness of their impact - changed my whole perspective.

Last week, in a fit of desperation and find some peace and cooperation from Flicka who was mightily peeved by the constant, ongoing attention to Pojke, I told Flicka something I should have told her years ago.

"Ya know what, baby? You know what you are? You are Momma's miracle. No matter what happens, you are Momma's miracle."

And, ya know what? She's been a dream to be around ever since. What made the difference? Those four little words and having me repeat it to her each day since.

So, today I am more than aware of every word coming out of my mouth.

So, what are you saying to those around you? Is what you're speaking over your kids, your hubby your family, your friends something that is going to bless them?


sara said...

Thanks for the reminder to be an encourager. I tend a bit toward negativity. ;)

Jill said...

What a great reminder. Little words make all the difference.

Keri said...

It's amazing how they take in what we say isn't it? The other day I told mine I loved them so much my heart might pop and I was shocked by how that stuck with them... thanks for the reminder.

Dina said...

That's great, sometimes we all need to be reminded to encourage a little.