Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank - UPDATED

Short and sweet since Pojke is not improving as quickly as I had hoped...
And in no particular order...

...I'm thankful it's "just" strep.
...I'm thankful that the Vikings' cousins - who are both sick with DUAL problems of roto and RSV - are going to be just fine.
...I'm thankful for in-laws, parents, and step-parents repeated offers to help
...I'm thankful that Pojke has been sleeping through the night despite his illness
...I'm thankful Pojke is currrently napping while I type this
...I'm thankful for the Lord meeting me *right there* each time I asked this week
...I'm thankful that DaHubby was able to take Flicka out for ice cream last night to reward her exceptionally sweet big sister assistance the last 4 days.
...I'm thankful I still had diapers in the house to make my (and Pojke's - I hope) life easier this week - enough said.
...I'm thankful for my in-laws who came over yesterday to watch the Vikings for an hour so I could run out for some basic groceries and then came back again today to teach me how to make a DaHubby's-favorite-from-childhood rice dish in the hopes Pojke would eventually eat and get his tummy back on track.
...I'm thankful for the prayers of my church, my family, and my friends - online and IRL.
...I'm thankful that my in-laws further rewarded Flicka as well as gave me a break by taking her home for the afternoon today
...I'm thankful for the amazingly patient and professional RN who answers our ped's practice's on-call nurse phone line. A kinder woman could ne'er be found. Miss Dodi - you're an angel on earth - as are our pediatrician, her nurse, and the staff at the practice who are working 12+ hour days.
...I'm thankful for a hubby that - despite feeling somewhat guilty for needing me to deal with all the drama solo this week - remembered that my favorite ice cream is chocolate almond and brought home a whole half gallon *just for me* last night.
...I'm also thankful for a hubby that doesn't take it personally when I snap at him from being at the end of my momma-rope this week.
...I'm thankful that the vomit and diarrhea smell is quickly leaving our home
...I'm thankful that nothing pressing required me to leave the house since Sunday (other than that grocery thing LOL)
...and I will be SO thankful when I wean the Vikings back OFF THE TELEVISION!! One more Disney, Dora, Diego, or their pals' videos and I'm ready to put the TV out in the driveway!

Updated to add
...thankful for health insurance because the ER trip only cost $50

...thankful for the person who installed mini-TV's in each ER room during a recent remodel!
...thankful that Pojke did NOT need an IV
...thankful for the ER staff who recognized a rash I hadn't seen, deciphered it, and diagnosed an allergy to original antibiotic
...thankful Flicka was a perfect angel when DaHubby took her to a meeting with his large group project team
...thankful that Pojke drank about 6 oz while waiting in ER and is sitting on the couch right now sipping a "chocolate/banana milkshake" Momma just made him

Life is good. God is awesome.

What are YOU thankful for this week? Stop by Pam's place today to see what she's thankful for.


sara said...

oh man, what a week! Sending love.

Shannon said...

So glad things are beginning to improve!

Dina said...

Oh poor little viking, he looks so sad and tired in the photo. Hope he's gaining back his momentum.