Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Murphy's Law of Mothering

It never fails...LOL As soon as you complete a task, something happens to make that task obsolete, useless, redundant, or in need of being repeated!

Just today...

Washed bathroom floor - and Pojke just peed all over it.

Scrubbed toilet - and Flicka's having "southern hemisphere" issues and it's filthy again.

Swept floor and spot cleaned/vacuumed area rug in living room - and Flicka opened a dozen Hershey kisses and left a trail of silver foil all over the living room and both couches.

I feel like I should keep a running list! LOL

So, you have any Murphy's Law mothering moments today like the infamous single glass being put in the sink as you finish the dinner dishes? LOL Leave a comment!


Christina said...

You mean like when I just thoroughly cleaned the master bathroom and today, Emily came in and announced that she just "cleaned" my mirror for me? With a spray bottle that I use to wet my hair?

I haven't checked it out yet, but that pretty much means she either used a water bottle or hairspray to "clean" my already clean mirror.

Patience is a virtue...right?

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Got another one - just woke Pojke up. After 3 reminders to "don't go pee-pee, you feel asleep without a diaper", he just wet three blankets, his pillow, both stuffed animals and I had just finished the laundry for the day! LOL