Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Flicka does TobyMac

I think we're in trouble...REAL trouble! *wink*


baylormum said...

I can't figure Pojke out. He is totally into building his railroad! He barely even gives her a notice. It is apparent that this isn't her 1st tobyMac song. My daughter (22) thinks I've lost my mind when I listen to tobyMac! She's seen him twice (no fair). Thanks for the chuckle. I know it didn't help your headache.

GiBee said...

I ADORE TobyMac, but I think Flicka adores him even more!!!

Man!! She's got some moves! Puts the whole Zumba exercise craze to shame!! And she knows all the words! Glory be -- she's gonna be the next Mandisa!

Dina said...

That's GREAT!! I really do like the fact that her brother simply is not impressed with this or he have seen his sister do this so many times that he has become immune to it!! Great dance girl ;)

Christina said...

Oh, to have that much energy!!!

We've had similar song and dance routines here, though usually to Princess movie music.

It will be great fodder for embarassing movies to show her dates someday!