Saturday, January 31, 2009

Growing Up - part one

Been walking through a couple "momma moments" this of which is that the Vikings have taken to wanting to make their own breakfast. Plus, Mr. I'm-3-now-and-I-need-no-help-to-do-anything and Miss. I'm-gonna-be-5-in-5-weeks have been on a sandwich kick lately...requesting them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So, what's a momma to do? Bake bread and teach them safe butter knife procedures! LOL

This morning's breakfast - PB&J for Flicka and ham & mayo for Pojke. (Don't worry they also got bananas and oranges! LOL)

Yesterday's breakfast? (And, notice it's still dark out *yawn*) Ham & mayo & apples for both! LOL

So, is it normal to be all teary-eyed and photo-obsessed over such a simple thing? Don't know, don't care. It's just breaking my heart and the apron strings one tiny cord at a time.


Anonymous said...

This means that you are doing a great job in helping them to become independent little people. Awesome job!

Tara said...

Hey, my 5 year old makes waffles for his two little sibs. Nothing wrong with teaching them to be useful! :)

Dina said...

So precious!! you are doing a great job. Do you bake your own bread?? and wow they were up early!! well having said that mine have been up already for half an hour and right now they are here in our bedroom pretending to be mummy and baby and me doing some morning blogging.

By the way , I love reading your blog but don't often have time to comment.

Dina said...

oh forgot to say the time here in Malta right now is 7.30a.m. on a Sunday morning.