Friday, January 2, 2009

A Cake in the Making

Yea, yea, yea. I know I've been off the bloggy grid for the most part since before Christmas. Just too much jugglin' and not enough quiet time to think deep thoughts. The backhanded blessing of being a child with divorced parents? Multiple holidays.

I cooked a T-giving dinner weekend for Mom and Stepdad Nov 16th

Took part in in-laws' T-giving Nov 27th

Mom's side Cmas party near Detroit: Dec 13th

In-law's Cmas: Cmas Eve

Dad, Stepmom, one half-sis over for Cmas dinner: Dec 27th

And, now Pojke's birthday is this coming week. LOL No wonder I don't feel like I've been able to stop for 8 weeks! LOL

Kept it simple this year. No big party; we're going for a playdate tomorrow in K-zoo with 2 cousins and another family we know. Then, lunch. Then, cake and ice cream at Auntie S's house.

But, it's become tradition that I make a cool cake! LOL I've blogged about a few
here, here, and here. This year was no exception. So, using this and this as inspiration, I give you...the making of this year's cake for Pojke:

Cars and candles to be added tomorrow.

Oh, and in tribute to my frugal bloggy mentors (Happy Housewife, Frugal Dad, and Money Saving Mom), the cost of this cake? $4.50.


The Happy Housewife said...

Great job on the cake. I love it! It is so cute! Can't wait to see it with the cars. You did an excellent job!

Pokinatcha said...

Yep, cake looks good! $4.50 cakes are the best tasting anyway!

FishMama said...

Very clever! Hope you'll link up to my bday cake roundup later this month.

brian said...

yeah, great job on the cake! I like it !!

Jamie said...

That's awesome! I'm glad to see another mom who makes their kids' birthday cakes. My mom did it for me and I've been doing it for the girls.

FishMama said...

I love how you built the road.

Jeanette "Frogster" said...

neat! This is a great idea! I'll add it to my list of cake ideas for the Davester's birthday coming up soon!