Monday, January 19, 2009

Readjusting - again

My apologies to those who read here often. I've spent so much time "micro-blogging" on Twitter and Facebook that I've been neglecting more developed thoughts here...and it's beginning to show.

Life here at the Viking Hus is back on the mouse wheel. DaHubby is back to school full time while working full time. I'm back on some homeschooling after letting it slide out of sheer momma survival. And, we've faced the usual kid stuff - play groups, swim lessons, doctor appts, ear infections, colds, post-holiday letdown, etc.

And, on top of it all, DaHubby was not laid off (praise God!) but his hours were cut by one-fifth. So, while we're in pretty good shape thanks to Dave Ramsey, we're living on about $650 a week with $1100/month in house payment/property taxes and a $550/month "stupid tax" aka minivan payment. Visa, student loan, and everything else (food, gas, utilities, etc) are coming out of the remaining $950/month.

I've been off my game on all fronts - mothering, housekeeping, homeschooling, Bible reading as well as blogging - and just surviving. And, that's really not acceptable. "Surviving" is not what I want to model for the Vikings.

While Twitter and Facebook lend themselves (too well) to my ADD personality, my first love is blogging and I miss using it to lay out the random deeper thought I have in the midst of laundry, dishes, potty training, etc. I'm trying to get back on track. Trying (again) for some greater peace and organization. Trying to re-prioritize things back where they should be.

So, again, my apologies.

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The Happy Housewife said...

Great job living within the pay cut! I am sure you will be glad when your stupid tax is paid off. I am so jealous of your house payment. Our rent is $2200 a month... ouch!