Thursday, January 29, 2009

Birthday Cake Round Up

You ever wonder about all those cool cakes some moms make for their kids' birthdays? Well, that ain't me! LOL While I have made it a tradition already that I try to make something cute, easy, and different each year for the Vikings' birthday, I'm definintely still in the Jiffy cake mix category!

So, I'm participating in a meme today that shares birthday cake ideas. I already linked up with these posts: Pojke 2009, Flicka 2008, and Pojke 2008. But, I can't find find a pictures of any of Flicka's other cakes. And, apparently I only posted about the type of cake I was going to make for Pojke's first birthday but never actual here's a pic of the table with the 3 Lego cakes I made in 2007.

If you are interested in seeing some *really* cool cakes, stop by FishMama's bloggy home today.


Tara said...

I did a lego cake for my two oldests' birthday last fall! I did a loaf pan with 2 bumps and a square pan with 4. Blue and red. What a mess!

FishMama said...

Umm, I've seen your cakes - and they are very cool.

Dina said...

I love making cakes and always try to make them special for my kids too, no matter how hard it is to make it look like the one on the reciepe book. Great post!