Monday, January 12, 2009

Counting blessings

Looking at silver linings...(will be updated as the day goes on)

1. That DaHubby is still working 32 hours and didn't get laid off today.
2. That the absolute perfect job (temporary, full time, and UNFILLED) just "happened" to be brought to my attention yesterday.
3. That DaHubby's vacation check comes in this week.
4. That we've been on the Dave Ramsey plan over a year so while this is scary, it's not as scary as it could be
5. That despite my teaching credentials apparently expiring without my knowledge that it's a relatively easy fix with a surprisingly low amount of paper shuffling.
6. That every person I've had to contact today appears to be a believer and agrees that "there must be a reason" and "everything will be OK"
7. That it is only one more year and DaHubby will be DONE with school and all this will be a memory!

That the student loan people and their compatriots will be as easy to work with as those I've contacted so far.
That DaHubby can still focus on school while I keep things on an even keel financially.

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