Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Something else on my mind today...

Sue had a great post today about attitudes. Ours as wives. As a witness to our hubbies.

Let me ask you...what would your husband say about your attitude?
How do you suppose he speaks of you when you are not around?
And what do you think his friends say about you behind your back?

I'm fortunate enough to know - for the most part - what DaHubby says about me when I'm not around. What makes me catch my breath sometime is what must he think of my attitude? As my best friend, I vent all the icky stuff I'm feeling and dealing with. Eight times out of 10, he helps me with whatever it is. The ninth time - he's just listening to me vent and knows he needs to just listen. LOL it's that tenth time I'm worried about.

I want this home to be a place of relative peace from the world for us - especially for him as he is working full time and schooling full time and needs a place to rest, crash, and re-group.

Now, I'm not suggesting I should start keeping things from him but maybe be more careful about what I say and how I say it. And, for the days he's really struggle (as am I), what am I showing in terms of my faith in Christ?

And, as Sue ended her post:

"How can you change your attitude to show your husband that your faith in God and His Word is real...without using words?"

Thanks, Sue!

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Debbie said...

That is a huge challenge; demonstrating our faith without words. I pray each day for His guidance and that His Spirit would be evident in my life. Maybe I need to add that His Spirit would control my tongue.

BTW, I know that you also visit L-Jay's blog My Little Norway. Did you read her good news???? She's pregnant! :) She's going to blog about her experience with the Norwegian healthcare system.