Monday, October 20, 2008

Where do I start?

God must have realized I was reaching the end of my rope last week and sent a wonderful respite this weekend! :)

Friday night: The family who runs our favorite local restaurant the next city over opened up another restaurant nearby. They bought a locally historic building which most recently housed a fancy restaurant - the one at which DaHubby and I were married! So, with cash in hand (thank you Dave Ramsey) and with the Vikings and I sharing a large combo meal (LOL), we four had a wonderful dinner out!

Saturday: While DaHubby went to his morning class, the Vikings and I ran some errands. When he arrived home from school, we all jumped in the van with packed lunches and headed to Kalamazoo! We went to the Air Zoo which is one of DaHubby's favorites. The kids have been there before but it's been about two years.

Then, an auntie/uncle combo watched the Vikings that evening so DaHubby and I had some time alone!

Sunday: We all were able to be at church. DaHubby's been using Sunday morning with me and the Vikings gone to get some homework done in peace and quiet. He's been sorely missed by all (most of all ME) but I supported his decision. He was able to go yesterday and then played 3-4 songs with the praise and worship team during prayer/altar call at the end of service which brought the place to its feet! *big smile*

Then, DaGrandparents made up for some lost time since dealing with my MIL's knee replacement and took the kids for the afternoon! More alone time with DaHubby! *bigger smile*

Finally, we all attended evening service as well and all were pleased to see DaHubby opening service with a few songs.

Other than the colds it appears the Vikings pick up at some point, a nearly perfect weekend!


sara said...


sara said...

Forgot to tell you - I really like the fall colors, esp. the header.

Debbie said...

Beth, this reminds me of an old song..."He may not come when we want Him, but he's right on time"
So glad He pulled you through and OUT once again....

Unashamed said...

Our God is too good *smile* been thinking about you/praying for you lots (even before your last post). The Lord just put you on my heart, you know? Knowing that He is answering prayers in a not-to-be-mistaken way makes me smile. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

It really is all about the looks on their faces, isn't it? That is my absolute favorite part of my kids! They are so open to everything new. Your pictures are fabulous!

Lisa said...

Awesome!! God is so good!

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

Hey, my hometown!! :) The air zoo is really fun. I love the looks on the kids faces you've got posted on the sidebar.

Good to see you're feeling better ((hugs))

Kathy D.