Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Post-obit follow up

We're still (somewhat) grieving the loss of Mr. Sony following his sudden death last week.

However, instead of the salt-in-the-wound insult of having to watch at 13-inch screen as it sat in front of Mr. Sony's 36+ inch self (LOL), DaHubby took a break from his studies last weekend to provide a surprise for the Vikings and I upon returning home from the Detroit area.

Before: After: The kids are thrilled. And, I'm amazed at how much bigger the living room seems. It's also easier to not miss having cable when what TV we're still watching has to be seen on that size screen *snort*

Anyone know of someone who a "tinker-er" like my grandpa was who'd want to fix something like Mr. Sony? LOL As well as a 3-person moving team who will be able to move it out of my house?

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