Friday, October 24, 2008

When playdoh goes wrong

"Mom, this playdoh is too sticky."
So, Mom adds a little flour (mistake #1 - this was the "clue phone" ringing that this would be a mess. LOL)

"Mom, (Pojke) is in your flour!"
(mistake #2 - left it on the table and walked away and now 2+C of it were on the table)

"Mom, we're done!"
And, Mom says "off to the bath witchu all!" LOL


Mama Smurf said...

Wandered over from Michigan Mammas and wanted to say "hi".

I'm happy to say that my play-doh days are almost over! =D

Dina said...

Hi, don't kids love playdough and all the mess it brings along? Mine as long as it's messy they love it!! do you ever bake the shapes they make from playdough?

Lisa said...

Looks like tons of fun. Besides, I give you props for making your own playdough! As a teacher I have tried many recipes over the years and have never found one to be consistant. One time it works the next time it doesn't.
I do have a question: why do you call them vikings? I could assume it's in the heritage with that white-blond hair, but I'm curious.